Bachelor course on specialty of “Tourism” 5B090200   Bachelor course on specialty of  «Restaurant and hotel business» 5В091200
 should have an idea of the main methods of economic analysis and decision-making, interaction in the field of tourism business, the functioning of the tourist market, banking, tax and other systems. They have to know the role and the main functions of the state in the super socio-economic policy of tourism; The essence of the market relations in tourism as well.

The professional activity of the bachelor of tourism is aimed to improve processes management of tourist organizations in the conditions of the tourism industry establishment in Kazakhstan, studying the tourist opportunities of our country and the foreign services market, optimizing the current and long-term planning system, introducing modern information technologies, methods of serving and improving the quality of the tourist product, mid-level cadres for tourist enterprises.

Graduates of the specialty can make a career in the administrative departments of any companies in the sphere of tourism, as well as setting up their own business.

 the most popular specialty, because the hospitality industry is the most dynamically developing and high profitable industry in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Hospitality and restaurant chains are growing, new establishments are opening for successful functioning which are needed to professional staff. Specialist of this specialty is engaged: organization of the hotel and restaurant service works; business planning and budgeting; determines the advertising, marketing and pricing policies of the hotel and restaurant sector; management and selection of personnel; conducts market analysis; coordinates works with suppliers.
in order to get work experience in the chosen specialty is considered to have practice which enables to consolidate the knowledge and skills gained during your studies. The practice takes place in the leading enterprises of the hotel and restaurant industry in Kazakhstan and abroad as well.
Graduates of the specialty of “Restaurant and hotel business” can work: as managers and economists in the hospitality industry; occupy the positions of directors and their deputies in prestigious hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes, etc.
After completing the studies students would be able to:

  • organize efficient service for service consumers;
  • participate in the decision of organizational and strategic tasks;
  • create comfortable conditions for staying in hotels and restaurant complexes;
  • consult consumers on the provided services;
  • monitor the quality of the provided services;
  • monitor the placement of consumers;
  • manage conflicts and stresses in professional activities;
  • review claims and take measures to prevent them;
  • monitor the work of staff, ensure cleanliness and order in the hotels and restaurant complexes, follow the rules and norms of labor protection and the requirements of industrial sanitation and hygiene;
  • use of modern means of communication and office equipment;
  • use of information technology in professional activities.