Educational complex of KazAST consists of 2 buildings. The total area of buildings and facilities of the Academy, according to the available technical certificates issued by a real estate agency is 29 696.1 sq.m. Gyms and sports facilities area is 5976.7 m², football fields area is 14 690 m². Annually a renovation and preparation of classroom fund for the new academic year is carried out.

f-15The Academy includes: dormitory for 320 beds, 1 cafe for 60 seats, 1 medical station, 1 conference room, 1 auditorium, 10 indoor sports gyms (2440 sq.m.); 2 outdoor sports complex (1277.1 square meters); gym at “Alash” stadium (395.1 square meters); gym (213.9 square meters); ski area (3,500 square meters); Stadium (10,940 square meters); Gymnastic complex, an indoor 25-meter swimming pool (400 square meters).

f-12The total number of classrooms is 76 including 1laboratory, 5 computer classes (in the structural units of the university and the educational process uses 230 modern computers with Internet access).



In the educational building No.1 at 85/105 Abay ave., the total area of which is 9036.3 m², for the organization of educational and research work of students at the academy there are 10 lecture halls, 44 auditoriums for practical and seminar classes, 5 computer classes, 3 reading rooms, including 1 electronic reading room, 2 auditoriums and 4 lecture halls equipped with interactive whiteboards and projectors, as well as 13 laptops and mobile projectors with audio equipment. Number of computer classes, reading rooms, multimedia, departmental laboratories and the number of seats in them meet the needs of the educational process and scientific and research activities of the ATS, students and staff of the Academy.


To pass the routine practices and practical training courses “Technique and tactics of active kinds of tourism”, “tourist and sports training”, “Hospitality”, “tourist business planning and organization”, “tourism infrastructure”, “Excursion”, etc. under the educational program 5B090200 «Tourism» there are branches of the Department of Tourism and Service, i.e. own base of KazAST tourism department:

P1180287In the main building there are 4 specialized rooms for educational program 5B090200 “Tourism”: – 309 – Cabinet of “Geography of the international tourism”; – 316 – The Cabinet of “Marketing and Management”; – 210 – the Cabinet of “Catering trad and hotel industry”; – 320 – The Cabinet of “Geography of Kazakhstan and Local History”, “New Information Technologies in Tourism”. All rooms have computer equipment, supplies, devices, and distributing and hand-over materials allowing to carry out training on educational programs 5B090200 “Tourism” according to credit technology.


DSCF3865 DSCF3866 DSCF3860

 the Republican museum of sports and Olympic glory


In 2014, for the educational process on the specialty 5B090200 “Tourism” and to promote the youth tourism in Almaty city and Almaty region the largest education-training climbing wall in Kazakhstan was opened in KazAST for practicing the technique of climbing in mountaineering, rock climbing, alpinism, tourist decathlon, search and rescue, etc.

Climbing wall with an artificial relief was the largest structure of the specialty 5B090200 “Tourism” among the educational institutions of Kazakhstan. Climbing wall area is 366 m²; it allows such types of events as “difficulty”, “Speed”, “Bouldering” and “Tourist-multidiscipline competition” as part of international, national, regional and municipal competitions.

DSC02358 P1160173 IMG_0729


For the organization of tourist and sports trips, holding of field tourist and excursion practice of students, systematic training of the faculty team for participation in meetings and events for tourism techniques (of all kinds), orienteering and rock climbing, the leadership of KazAST purchased bivouac kits and special tourist equipment (personal and group) of the newest model for the performance of hiking and mountain categorical and non-categorical hikes.


ATS and students of the Department of Tourism and Service since January 2015 can participate in the competition for water tourism after the acquisition of rafting equipment: 2 – rafts (10 seats) and 3-m boats (6 seats). Rafting equipment has complete pumps, life jackets and paddles.

For the development of cycling 18 mountain bike were purchased that allows students of the specialty 5B090200 “Tourism” to be engaged in cycling marathons as part of the Republican, Almaty region and Almaty city competitions.

In 2012 tourist and sports base “Kaimar” (1296.5 square meters) was opened for the development of active forms of tourism in Bes-Kainar village of Talgar district of Almaty region which includes: gym for the amount of and sanatorium for the amount, as well as a plot of land with an area of 0.3 hectares. Tourist and sports facilities are located in the picturesque place 32 km from Almaty. In the hotel located at the base there are 14 single rooms.

P1000738 IMG_1661 P1000746


Mountain-tourist center “Gorelnik” is located in Talgar district at the territory of Maloalmatinskiy gorge above “Medeo” dam. Distance from KazAST to this center is 24 km. The total area of the mountain-tourist center “Gorelnik” is 3.87 hectares.

Throughout the year, students and ATS of Tourism and Service Department periodically go to the base “Kaimar” and “Gorelnik” to improve the tourist and sports training as part of educational program 5B090200 “Tourism” and also in summer the summer tourist and campgrounds are organized (equipment purchased for more than 80 people), where students strengthen practical skills on active kinds of tourism for the organization of categorical hikes at the territory of the Trans-Ili Alatau.

IMG_1925 DSCN3106 IMG_5470

f-3Hotel «MarkInnHotel» at the address: Almaty, 46a Markov st. According to the results of the competition conducted by KTA and management of tourism in Almaty the Hostel «MarkInnHotel» took the third place in ranking of TOP-5 hostels of Almaty.


It offers comfortable rooms with free Wi-Fi, and free private parking. The total number of beds is 70 units. Rooms with private or shared bathroom are decorated in sleek style. Each room include refrigerator, ironing facilities and a TV with English channels. In addition, guests are provided with individual lockers. The hotel is located 6 km from the railway station and 20 km from the international airport of Almaty.

The hotel has been operating for over 5 years and by means of the hard work and efforts of the staff and students of the department of tourism and service it earned high authority and assessment in the comments on such sites as Tripadvisor and

Hostel “Academic – Apart” is located near the main building of KazAST at: Almaty, 13 Timiryazev st. The total number of beds in the hostel is 33 units.

There is a classroom (the base of the Department of Tourism and services) on the basis of the only categorical “luxury”  room of the hoste, where students of specialty 5B090200 “Tourism” practiced in cleaning techniques and preparedness of the room to welcome guests.

Hostel “Academic – Apart” is designed and equipped with the latest requirements for accommodation in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Despite the budget price policy in the Hostel “Academic – Apart” there is everything you need for a comfortable and safe accomodation, organization of self-catering, a mini-laundry and free Wi-Fi. Overall guest kitchen of Hostel “Academic – Apart” is equipped with modern electric stoves, microwaves and refrigerators.


The basis for the practical training of the educational program 5B090200 “Tourism” in the disciplines “Catering Trade”, “Beverage Management”, “Culinary tourism” is its own new restaurant ” LOFT” on the basis of KazAST, also located at 13 Timiryazev st. The total area of the restaurant is 400 sq.m. Number of seats is 100.

Restaurant “LOFT” has a well-equipped kitchen, with all necessary instruments and equipment for a modern restaurant art:

meat shop (rules of lamb, beef, pork butchering, working with poultry and fish);

pastry shop (rules for working with pastry, bakery production);

IMG_7634Bar management study (well-equipped modern bar counter with all necessary accessories).

Moreover, for the practice with the students of the department of tourism and service, the are two specialized facilities with a total capacity of 45-50 people for workshops attended by experts of the sphere.



Scientific Research Institute of Tourism (SRI of tourism). In 2013, in order to implement KazAST research program as an umbrella organization in priority areas (cluster “Tourism”) Scientific Research Institute of Tourism was reopened.

The sphere of scientific research of SRI of tourism is theoretical and applied scientific questions to assess the resource potential of tourism of Kazakhstan with the analysis of the actual development of tourism and training in various spheres of tourism. Research on tourism and services labor market and the study of tourist and recreational resources of the Kazakh section of the Great Silk Road are conducted.

The results of these studies are used by tourist companies and other organizations in its activities, for example, for the preparation of master plans of tourist programs, both for domestic and for inbound and outbound tourism.


Tourist Information and methodical center (TIMC). The main directions of activities of the TIMC as part of educational program 5B090200 «Tourism»: – The scientific and organizational – methodical work: development, publication, distribution of information and guidance of tourist – excursion materials, including guides to the regions of Kazakhstan; – KazAST students are training at a specialized base for Excursion and museology as part of regular courses: tour guides; guides – translators; Tourism instructors; certification seminars for all categories of workers in the sphere of tourism, hotel and restaurant industry are conducted; – Provision of tourist and excursion services: companies and organizations, planned and amateur tourists, educational institutions.

DSCF3857For additional research on specific types of tourism ATS and students of tourism and service department use laboratory of SRI of Sports with a unique research equipment, mostly from Switzerland and Germany, allowing to solve problems in scientific, methodical and biomedical support for preparation of tourists to various categories of competitions on tourism. ATS and students of the Department of Tourism and Service carry out their researches on the basis of SRI of Sports on the disciplines “Tourism and sports training”, “Technique and tactics of active kinds of tourism”, “Sport tourism”, as during preparation of scientific papers, diploma projects and in the preparation of a categorical tours where they use the data from informative instruments: electric ergometers, cardiographs, immunoassay analyzers, apparatus for determining the acid-base composition of the blood, tonometers, computer programs, heart rate monitor, etc..