International cooperation and academic mobility

Master’s students enrolled for an educational program 6M090200 “Tourism” have the opportunity to take part in the exchange programs on the basis of more than 40 partner universities of the Kazakh Academy of Sports and Tourism. The contracts on cooperation with foreign educational institutions, the possibility of in-depth study of foreign language by the students provided for th this educational program provides a high level of general cultural and professional competencies of graduates and their competitiveness at the labor market.

For example, as in the framework of external academic mobility English language courses in LITHUANIAN SPORTS UNIVERSITY (Kaunas, Lithuania) were passed by 2nd year master’s student of the specialty 6M090200 “Tourism” Nurzhan Zharkimbekov, who studied all the discipline and defended the project of this University in the amount of 30 ECTS. Rector PhD Dr. B.K. Zakiryanov was awarded a letter of appreciation for the quality of training of master’s students of the specialty 6M090200 “Tourism” from the head of the Lithuanian Sport University, Kaunas.