program : 5B091200 “Restaurant and Hotel Business”

The purpose of the educational program 5B091200 “Restaurant and Hotel Business” in accordance with the requirements of the educational standard of the specialty 5B091200 “Restaurant and Hotel Business” is to prepare the graduate for the professional activities of the organization of services in hotels and restaurants as a manager of the companies of restaurant and hotel industry, taking into account national and regional characteristics, employer requests, demand for graduates.

The objectives of the educational program 5B091200 “Restaurant and Hotel Business”

  • are to prepare a manager for a successful work in the sphere of hotel and restaurant business on the basis of a harmonious combination of scientific, fundamental and professional training;
  • to create the conditions for learning the universal and subject-specialized competencies, promote social mobility and stability at the labor market;
  • create social and personal qualities of the graduates: dedication, discipline, hard work, communication skills, teamwork, responsibility for the final result of their professional activities, citizenship, tolerance;
  • to raise their general culture, the ability to personally acquire and apply new knowledge and skills.

The sphere of professional activity of the bachelor on a specialty 5B091200 “Restaurant and Hotel Business” is the hospitality industry and tourism, as well as science, education, government regulation, and other spheres of human activity, directly or indirectly related to the hotel business and the restaurant business.

Objects of professional work of the bachelor on a specialty 5B091200 “Restaurant and Hotel Business” are as follows:

  • Public authorities, related to the organization of hotel business (ministries, akimats, their regional departments and structures);
  • Public and private companies engaged in the restaurant and hotel business;
  • Service sector, companies associated with the catering (restaurants, hotels and other structures);
  • Property, property complexes (enterprises, institutions, organizations) and other objects of the hotel industry;
  • Scientific and research organizations involved in studying the problems of catering development, catering marketing organizations;
  • Educational institutions preparing experts of an average tier in the sphere of the hotel industry;
  • Advertising agencies engaged in the promotion of services in the restaurant and hotel industry at the domestic and foreign markets;
  • Information resources and systems, providing a means of automated information systems and technologies, etc.;
  •  Other organizations and companies whose activities are connected with the specializations established by councils of universities.

Bachelors of educational program 5B091200 “Restaurant and Hotel Business” can perform the following professional activities:

  • Organizational and management;
  • Industrial and technological;
  • Service;
  • Research and development;
  • Education (teaching).

The educational program 5B091200 “Restaurant and Hotel Business” was developed in accordance with SCES of the RK dd. 23.08 2012 No. 1080, typical curriculum for 2013 and on the basis of elective disciplines catalog (EDC), which is a systematic annotated list of all the disciplines of optional component, containing a brief description indicating the purpose of the study, executive summary (main sections) and the expected results of the study on educational program 5B091200 “Restaurant and Hotel Business”.

Content of educational program 5B091200 “Restaurant and Hotel Business” provides a sequence of disciplines study based on their succession innovation, rational distribution of disciplines per semester from the point of uniformity of academic work of the student, the effective use of human resources and logistical capacity of KazAST and taking into account the interests and wishes of employers.

 1 terms  2 terms
  1. Philosophy
  2. Computer science
  3. Kazakh (Russian) language
  4. Foreign languages
  5. Law basics
  6. The basis of economical theory
  7. Mathematics
  8. Introduction to the profession
  9. Physical culture
  1. History of Kazakhstan
  2. Sociology
  3. Political science
  4. Ecology and steady development
  5. Bases of life safety
  6. Kazakh (Russian) language
  7. Foreign languages
  8. The geography of international tourism
  9. Restaurant and hotel industry
  10. Physical culture
  11. Teaching practice
 3 terms 4   terms
  1. Professional Kazakh (Russian) language Psychology hotels, restaurants and bars
  2. Basics of entrepreneurship in the restaurant and hotel business
  3. Accounting and auditing
  4. Technology maintenance and service
  5. Micro and macroeconomics
  6. Foreign language in the service sector
  7. Service activities in the hotel industry
  8. Physical culture
  1. Organization and planning of the restaurant business and hotel business
  2. Infrastructure restaurant business and hotel industry
  3. International hospitality industry
  4. International restaurant business industry
  5. Advanced foreign language
  6. Marketing research service industries
  7. Service events in the service sector
  8. Physical culture
 5 terms  6 terms
  1. Professional-oriented foreign language
  2. Standardization and certification in the service sector
  3. The bar business
  4. Material-technical base of the service sector
  5. Business etiquette
  6. Restaurant business in Kazakhstan
  7. Hotel business in Kazakhstan
  8. Physical culture
  1. Business Economics Hospitality
  2. Advertising in services
  3. Personnel management in the service sector
  4. Restaurant business management and hospitality
  5. Business – foreign language
  6. Security management in the service sector
  7. Gastronomic Tourism
  8. Physical culture
 7 terms  8 terms
  1. Show business
  2. Logistics service providers
  3. Research activities
  4. Business foreign language
  5. Accounting in the service sector
  6. New information technologies in the service sector
  7. Physical culture
  1. Industrial practice
  2. Pre-diploma practice
  3. State exam on the specialty
  4. Writing and defence of the diploma work (project)

The educational program 5B091200 “Restaurant and Hotel Business” is prepared in accordance with professional and scientific requirements for social and professional competences The result of the program is formed core competencies of the graduate, described by descriptors as provided in the terminology of the Bologna process.