specialty of “Tourism” 6D090200

Objectives of the educational program 6D090200 “Tourism”:

  • high quality in postgraduate professional education achievement when meeting the mandatory requirements for the level of doctoral students training;
  • efficiency control system creation for higher education institutions and research organizations works engaged in doctoral students training;
  • regulation of the rights and responsibilities of doctoral degree course students, promotion of independent education, research and professional activities of doctoral students;
  • recognition of the Republic of Kazakhstan documents on the academic degree of “Doctor of Philosophy” (PhD) and “Service Doctor of Science” conferment providing on the international educational environment and labor market.

The main objectives of the doctoral studies educational program in the field of 6D090200 “Tourism” specialty:

Service Doctor of Science:

  • domestic service doctors of science training both domestically and on the international tourism labor markets demanded;
  • integration with the international educational environment in the field of tourism and academic mobility promotion;
  • quality of theoretical and practical training of senior management experts providing by means of modern technologies, methods and training aids in the educational process active introduction, as well as educational ways  individualization with a practical experience predominance.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD):

  • introduction of a new model of highly qualified scientific and lecturing staff training in the field of tourism industry, considering its functioning on the basis of higher education institutions and research organizations;
  • continuity and integrity of educational process providing as a result of a three-level system of professional staff training completion based on accumulating credit system of education;
  • providing of PhD doctoral students target training on the base of mobility and renewability of educational programs in accordance with modern technologies of education and labor market requirements;
  • formation of a national school of science in the field of tourism researches, including related areas and at the intersection of disciplines, as well as geographic, socio-economic, ecological and tourism areas.
  • development and implementation of creative scientific potential of Kazakhstan scientists in cooperation with leading foreign universities having international accredited doctoral programs.

When formulating the goals and objectives of 6D090200 educational program the priority requirements for the quality of graduates are the competence demanded by potential employers and SCES requirements.  Key competences requirements for PhD doctor of science in the field of 6D090200 – “Tourism” specialty are:

Service Doctor of Science is obliged to:

  • have an idea about the level of modern science development, including the areas of fundamental and applied researches in the field of tourism and hospitality as well as related areas, sectoral and cross-sectoral researches system of organization, principles of research, organizational and management activities planning.
  • know the tends and mechanisms of fundamental knowledge formation about the tourism, basic principles of the system approach in theoretical and applied problems solving, optimization of production processes, strategic planning and operational management, state language, the language of international communication and one of the foreign languages on the level allowing effectively resolve organizational, managerial, communication and other tasks related to professional activity;
  • be able to plan, implement and coordinate the activity of tourism company, organization, institution, execute an expert assessment of projects, generate innovative ideas and defend it publically in front of a professional audience;
  • be skilled in planning and organization of the production process as a whole and its elementary constituents, considering specific of the tourist product, scientific labour organization, production processes optimization, critical analysis of the situation, patent research, marketing researches in the field of tourism, communication, including business negotiations;
  • be competent in the field of professional activity, including innovative approaches, functional professional team formation, strategy and tactics of competition in the market of tourism services, regulatory and legislative framework, including international tourist right, attracting of investments and other sources of funding, displaying of initiative and leadership character, professional liability, self-improvement and advanced training, professional knowledge and skills modern training.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is obliged to:

  • have a fundamental academic qualification to master philosophical methodology of science understanding, skills in modern theoretical and experimental methods of scientific researches of tourism system; know the complex of studies in the field of tourism, and the problems of a new complex study of tourism formation- tourismology; have an idea of the modern science development in general, trends and approaches of tourism development as a science; schools of science of Kazakhstan and world tourism studies; the standards of scientific community cooperation; approaches of international scientific activity in the field of tourism; scientific ethics of tourism research scientist;
  • know and understand the system of modern information technologies, including GDS and GIS, database management systems and have skills in methods of use for scientific and applied problems solving of the tourism industry; have knowledge and ideas about modern development of tourism trends in the world community; have a fundamental academic qualification; demonstrate a systematic understanding of the tourism and hospitality industry, master the methods of scientific research;
  • be able to organize and execute scientific research in the field of tourism study as a diversified economic complex using a systematic approach and appropriate methods; plan, develop, implement and coordinate the process of scientific research; critically analyze, estimate and compare new and complex ideas; inform colleagues and the scientific community about the knowledge and achievements of yours; make contributions by own original solutions, researches, expanding scientific areas of tourism industry;
  • be skilled in experimental research activity; public speaking in the field of science; scientific writing; scientific communication; participation and organization of scientific events; patent search; protection of intellectual property rights in the tourism industry.
  • have knowledge and be competent in the field of professional research and innovative activity; conducting of scientific theoretical and experimental studies; in interpersonal and intercultural communication, cooperate with a team; have leadership skills, be ambitious and responsible in the professional activity; in information activity, constant modern training of professional knowledge in the field tourismology; know one of the foreign languages on the level allowing to conduct scientific discussions, publish scientific papers in international magazines, mainly with high impact factor.

Objects of doctoral degree experts’ professional work:

Service Doctor of Science are the highest levels of state and economic management, including the authorized body of tourism in the Republic of Kazakhstan and its overseas representative offices and subdivisions, as well as consulting, expert and other enterprises and organizations of the tourism and hospitality industry, professional associations and international tourism organizations, associations, institutions and information tourism centers.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD): research institutions, including research laboratories of scientific centers, design and survey and planning organizations, higher education institutions.

Service Doctors of Science can perform the following types of professional activity: production and management, including long-term planning, monitoring, expert, consulting, marketing, including promotional, organization and management.