sports and health-improving tourism

Trajectory of education “Sports and health-improving tourism” includes such disciplines which are aimed at the specialization of students to obtain an additional qualification – tourism instructor
 1 семестр  2 семестр
  1. Ecology and steady development
  2. Computer science
  3. Kazakh (Russian) language
  4. Fundamentals of topography and terrain orientation
  5. Geography of Kazakhstan
  6. Introduction to the profession
  7. Foreign language
  1. History of Kazakhstan
  2. Political science
  3. Bases of life safety
  4. Kazakh (Russian) language
  5. Foreign language in tourism
  6. Basics tourismology
  7. Technique and tactics of active tourism
  8. Organization of hiking trails
  9. Teaching practice
 3 семестр  4 семестр
  1. Philosophy
  2. Sociology
  3. Foreign languages
  4. Law basics
  5. The basis of economical theory
  6. History of tourism
  7. Planning and organization of tourist business.
  1. Foreign languages
  2. Balneology
  3. Regulatory framework of tourism activity
  4. Tourism Vanagment
  5. Accounting in the tourism
  6. Snort tourism
  7. Training and production practice
5 семестр 6 семестр
  1. Professional Kazakh (Russian) language
  2. Professional-oriented foreign language
  3. Business etiquette
  4. Tourism Marketing
  5. Tourism infrastructure
  6. Excursion
  7. Eco-tourism
  1. Hotel industry
  2. Catering
  3. Business – foreign language
  4. Geography of international tourism
  5. Youth Tourism
  6. The moral and psychological training of tourist
  7. Special forms of tourism
7 семестр 8 семестр
  1. Business foreign language
  2. Medical and health tourism
  3. Methods of preparing the instructor of tourism
  4. Promotional activities in tourism
  5. New information technologies in tourism
  6. Research activities in tourism
  7. Show business
  1. Industrial practice
  2. Pre-diploma practice
  3. State exam on the specialty
  4. Writing and defence of the deiploma work (project)
Students of the specialty 5B090200 “Tourism” in the educational trajectories of “Sports and health-improving tourism” make all kinds of tours (I, II, III, IV, V category of complexity), which is carried out in the territory of Kazakhstan and Almaty region.
In these tours, students apply the practical skills received under EP 5B090200 “Tourism” as part of the study of such disciplines as: “Fundamentals of topography and terrain orientation”, “Technique and tactics of active kinds of tourism”, “Ecotourism”, “Geography of Kazakhstan” , “Fundamentals of tourist and regional studies” and others.

For introduction in view of the chosen educational trajectory the ATS of the department, together with representatives of the tourism industry of the KTA, , organizations of additional education (young tourists stations, secondary schools, sport schools), tourism management organizations, federations: sports tourism, mountaineering and climbing, tourist multidiscipline competition, sports orientation have carried out the modernization of curricula up to 50% within the educational trajectories of “Sport and health improving”  in the specialty of 5B090200 “Tourism”   have been added new elective courses according to the modern labor market.