Online lecture on “Restoring the Wine industry after the Covid – 19 pandemic»

⠀ 💠 On may 20, 2020, the UNWTO portal hosted an online lecture on “restoring the wine industry After the covid-19 pandemic”, which was attended by teachers of the Department of tourism and service.

⠀⠀ 📜 Speakers of the lecture were:

⠀⠀ 🔖 Sandra Carvao is the head of the Department for research and competitiveness of the tourism market at the world tourism organization (UNWTO) since June 2018.

⠀⠀ 🔖 Mariette Helmbold-tourism and marketing strategist, presenter and speaker on tourism, destination management, wine tourism and marketing innovation.
⠀ ⠀She is well versed in wine tourism and was responsible for the first national research project on wine tourism for South Africa. She developed the first national wine tourism strategy in South Africa and led the first phase of its implementation.

Пол Paul Wagner was a faculty member in the Department of viticulture and wine technology at NAPA valley College and teaches at the culinary Institute of America in Grayston. He is also a guest lecturer at many universities, including the Wintour MBA program in Europe, and has spoken at more than eighty conferences around the world on wine, wine tourism, wine education, public relations, and wine marketing.

Thanks to the organizers @unwto for the informative lecture!

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