international tourism industry tourism and business

The first trajectory of education “International tourism: tourism and business industry” includes such disciplines which focus on specialization of students to obtain an additional qualification –  tour-guide of the 3rd category.
 1 terms  2 terms
  1. Ecology and steady development
  2. Computer science
  3. Kazakh (Russian) language
  4. Fundamentals of topography and terrain orientation
  5. Geography of Kazakhstan
  6. Introduction to the profession
  7. Foreign language
  1. History of Kazakhstan
  2. Political science
  3. Bases of life safety
  4. Kazakh (Russian) language
  5. Foreign language in tourism
  6. Basics tourismology
  7. Technique and tactics of active tourism
  8. Organization of hiking trails
  9. Teaching practice
 3 terms   4 terms
  1. Philosophy
  2. Sociology
  3. Foreign languages
  4. Law basics
  5. The basis of economical theory
  6. History of tourism
  7. Planning and organization of tourist business.
  1. Foreign languages
  2. Fundamental of tourism and local history work
  3. Regulatory framework of tourism activity
  4. Tourism Vanagment
  5. Accounting in the tourism
  6. Micro and macro economics in tourism
  7. Training and production practice
 5 terms  6 terms
  1. Professional Kazakh (Russian) language
  2. Professional-oriented foreign language
  3. Business etiquette
  4. Tourism Marketing
  5. Tourism infrastructure
  6. Excursion
  7. Eco-tourism
  1. Hotel industry
  2. Catering
  3. Business – foreign language
  4. Geography of international tourism
  5. Museology
  6. The organization works on a sightseeing tourist enterprises
  7. Excursion objects Kazakhstan
 7 terms  8 terms
  1. Business foreign language
  2. Medical and health tourism
  3. Features of excursions on various subjects
  4. Promotional activities in tourism
  5. New information technologies in tourism
  6. Research activities in tourism
  7. Show business
  1. Industrial practice
  2. Pre-diploma practice
  3. State exam on the specialty
  4. Writing and defence of the deiploma work (project)


The Department of Tourism and Service in cooperation with the Kazakhstan Tourist Association (KTA), conducted training of guides, where based on the results of these courses, students receive qualification “guide – III category”. For example, since 2013 to 2015, 15 students of the specialty 5B090200 “Tourism” of the Department of Tourism and service have been trained and received a certificate of “Guide – III category”

As part of the educational trajectory “International tourism: tourism and business industry” ATS of the department conducts for the students the showing of tourist-excursion objects in Almaty and Almaty region: Turgen gorge, “The Bear Falls”, a trout farm, Yessyk lake, historical and archaeological complex, Saka burial mounds, Yessyk city, ostrich farm; historical and archeological complex “Tamgaly” in Zhambyl district of Almaty region; “Tuyuksu” tract to visit the memorial for the alpinists and tourists died in the mountain, as well as the first tourist center in the Republic of Kazakhstan “Gorelnik”, mountain skating rink “Medeo” and the ski resort “Shymbulak”, etc.