specialty of “Tourism” 5B090200

The aim of educational program 5B090200 “Tourism” is to train highly skilled tourism personnel having knowledge on fundamentals of sciences, modern innovative technologies, able to carry out professional activities aimed at improving the tourism industry and hospitality, providing state regulation of the tourism industry, organization and planning of preventive and prospecting rescue in tourist activities, as well as other spheres of human activity, directly or indirectly related to tourism.

The objectives of educational program 5B090200 “Tourism” are as follows:

  • Improving the structure, content, and technology of tourism education;
  • Ensuring the connection of the tourism education system with the scientific, technological and innovation policy;
  • The formation of social and personal qualities of students: love for their profession, commitment, organization, hard work, responsibility, patriotism, citizenship, tolerance, the ability to build communication, increase their general culture, creative thinking, etc.;
  • Strengthening of methodical and methodological content of tourism education, enabling graduates to possess universal, scientific and subject-specialized competencies, promote social mobility and stability at the labor market.

Bachelor of 5B090200 “Tourism” should address the following professional tasks:

  • Prospective and current planning of tourism activities, taking into account changes in the socio-political and socio-economic situation in the Republic of Kazakhstan and abroad;
  • Development and promotion of new types of tourist services;
  • Organization of accounting and control in order to optimize the management process;
  • Leadership in the provision of tourist services in various spheres of tourism industry;
  • Marketing research in order to increase the effective tourist sales;
  • The organization of preventive measures for the safety of tourist activities;
  • Innovation in the sphere of tourist traffic control.

The program’s objectives are defined by competencies, implemented by graduates in the course of employment, and provide consumers with information about the areas of professional training, program profiles and occupations, for which the graduates of Bachelor course are prepared.

The sphere of professional activity of graduates of the educational program 5B090200 “Tourism” is the tourism industry and hospitality, as well as science, education, government regulation and other areas of human activity, directly or indirectly related to tourism.

Objects of professional activity on the specialty 5B090200 “Tourism” are as follows:

  • State administration bodies, tourism-related organizations; public and private companies engaged in tourism industry;
  • Consulting companies of a tourist profile; marketing services of tourist enterprises;
  • Objects of tourism infrastructure;
  • Educational institutions preparing mid-tier experts in tourism;
  • Research organizations devoted to the study of tourism development problems;
  • Advertising agencies engaged in the promotion of tourist services on the domestic and foreign markets;
  • Master’s course in the specialty 6M090200 “Tourism”;
  • The organization of the system of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

The subject of professional activity is the planning and implementation of tourist activity at the tourism market, as well as market processes and phenomena associated with it.

Bachelors of specialty 5B090200 “Tourism” can perform the following professional activities:

  • organization and management;
  • production and technology;
  • service and operation;
  • research and development;
  • education;
  • tourism and recreation;
  • prevention, search and rescue.

The educational program 5B090200 “Tourism” was developed in accordance with SCES of the RK dd. 23.08 2012 No. 1080, typical curriculum for 2016  and on the basis of elective disciplines catalog (EDC), which is a systematic annotated list of all the disciplines of optional component, containing a brief description indicating the purpose of the study, executive summary (main sections) and the expected results of the study on educational program 5B090200 “Tourism”.

Developing of basic learning curricula (BLC) for educational program 5B090200 “Tourism”  is based on the principles of competence approach and academic freedom of the university in the educational process, flexibility and mobility of the educational program 5B090200 “Tourism”.

Specificity of educational programs 5B090200 “Tourism” of KazAST is the ability to select professional direction by the students in the preparation on the education trajectories:

  • educational trajectory “International tourism: tourism and business industry”
  • educational trajectory “Sports and health-improving tourism”