Логотип АТ

“A man is the main wealth of the country.

A successful implementation of the strategy of the country’s modernization depends on knowledge, social and physical well-being of Kazakhstan”

A. Nazarbayev

 November 29, 2017 the Kazakh Academy of Sport and Tourism held the opening of the Shokan Valikhanov Academy of Tourism– the center, where teachers of the Faculty of Tourism of KazAST will provide classes in 15 areas of tourism. Sections are intended for students of  Almaty schools, lyceums and colleges.

Objectives of the

Shokan Valikhanov

Academy of Tourism:

– To promote the improvement and comprehensive development of the individual by means of tourism and local lore activities.

– To organize active, interesting, informative leisure time for schoolchildren and young people.

– Integration of the principles of interethnic harmony and tolerance in the system of activity of an educational institution in the development mode.

– Improving the quality and depth of the content of the educational process in the Academy of Tourism, pre-profile and profile preparation of students.


– ·        Organization of the process of forming a tolerant consciousness in interaction with different age groups of students.·

– Satisfaction of cognitive interests of students in the field of creating a holistic view of the development of tourism in Kazakhstan, cultural and national traditions, the development of their patriotic thinking.·

-Realization of the direction in the lesson and after-hour activities.·

– Activation of cognitive, scientific and research activity of youth.

Primary activity:- research- sportswear- sightseeing- animation (entertaining)- local lore- consulting


15 areas of work the Shokan Valikhanov Academy of Tourism:

• Study of local lore

• Forwarding tourism

• Mountaineering and rock-climbing

• Ecological tourism

• Mountain tourism

• Guided Tours

• Boating

• Tourist song

• Cycling – auto – moto-tourism

• Search and rescue operations

• Family tourism

• Pedestrian tourism

• Sporting orientation

• Educational tourism

• Summer campgrounds

Expected results: –  Ability to further determine the choice of profile and profession in the future of school graduates.

– Creation of  database of graduates of 10 – 11 classes wishing to study  profile disciplines for the purpose of further receiving the higher education.

Activities undertaken within the

Shokan Valikhanov Academy of Tourism