Alibayeva Kenzhegul

Position: lecturer Kenzhegul Sapargalievna 20170529_180658
Regalia: Associate professor of KazAST
Education: Bachelor Oskemen pedagogical institution. Qualification: “Teacher of geography and biology”
 Почетная грамота Алибаева KazAST Honorary Certificate to the 20 years of the Republic of Kazakhstan Independence (2011)
Mark of distinction “Tourist” – KTA –2011
 Благодарственное письмо Алибаева   Gratitude of participation in the festival of Almaty Mount Fest, 2016
 Почетная грамота за высокие результаты и командный дух в III Чемпионате КазАСТ по туризму на Кубок им.Ш.Уалиханова, 2017 г.  Gratitude to the result of high team spirit in the III KazAST championship named Sh.Ualikhanov, 2017


Professional development certificates: 2016-2017 year
– 2017 FISU Conference Almaty. On Innovation-Education-Sport. University Sport: Health and future of society, 2017 г.
– Lecture course of professor Platonov on the theme “Problems of preparing athletes with high quality” – 28th  International Winter Universiad
– Master class “Alternative methods of preparing coffee ”2017 y.
– Training on the theme  «Bar business», 2016
– Training on the theme  «Long drink. Foliated cocktail», 2016 .
– Advancement of instagram, in the frame of Horex forum 2016, 2016 y.
– Components of successful business. Training and developing personnels in the frame of Horex forum 2016, 2016y
– Methodology of hospitality. Why the serving standarts don’t workd? In the frame of the forum Horex 2016, 2016
– Problems and perspectives of hotel and restaurant business development in the Republic of Kazakhstan.  Using foreign countries experience in the sphere of hotel and restaurant services in the Republic of Kazakhstan, Aktobe 2016.
2014-2015 yaer
– Rising qualification “Pedagogical master class” on the theme: “Planning, forming and assessing the results of studying educational program and educational discipline”,  university “Turan” 2015 y.
Certificate of online conference “Complex support of the highly qualified athletes training”, Almaty, 2014
Certificate of the international conference “Problems and development perspectives of industry service, trade and public catering in modern Russia” Kazan Cooperative Institute at RUC – Russian University of Cooperation, Kazan 2014.
Certificate of professional development in the program “School of Teacher Skills”, International Business School KazEU -72 hours, 2014
Certificate of professional development at the KazAST Faculty of postgraduate and additional education, specialty“Guide”, 2006.
Certificate of professional development at the KazAST Faculty of postgraduate and additional education, specialty“Tourism”, 2006
Certificate of the 8th International Scientific Congress “Olympic Sport and Sport for All”, KazAST, 2004