The Department of “Tourism and Service” as a specialty exists from the day the university was founded. In 1944, the Institute of Physical Culture was established in Alma-Ata, and already on January 1, 1945, the Department of Tourism and Mountaineering was organized under it and headed it. In the 50s – 70s of the XX century, the department of tourism was recreated and reformed many times.

Modern organization of work at the Faculty of Tourism

Long-term studies conducted by the staff of the Faculty of Tourism proved that the optimal technology of the educational process will be with the following structure of the departments of the faculty.

Over the years, the concept of training specialists in the tourism industry at the university was formed, which made it possible to identify the factors influencing the development of domestic tourism and the most promising areas of this business. The state standard of education is implemented through innovative tourism projects, with the participation of all students and teachers.

All the information obtained as a result of the work on the program is used to prepare tourism managers for the organization and implementation of not only domestic, but also transcontinental tours.

A qualified and friendly scientific and pedagogical team works at the Faculty of Tourism, successfully implementing both theoretical and practical training programs for students in the field of tourism and service.

November 29, 2014 at the Kazakh Academy of Sports and Tourism was the opening of the Academy of Tourism. Shokan Ualikhanov – a center where teachers of the Faculty of Tourism of KazAST will conduct classes in 15 areas of tourism. Sections are intended for students of Almaty schools, lyceums and colleges.

Aims of the academy:
– To promote the improvement and comprehensive development of the individual by means of tourism and local history activities.
– Organize active, interesting, educational leisure for schoolchildren and youth. – Integration of the principles of interethnic harmony and tolerance in the system of activities of an educational institution that is in development mode. – Improving the quality and deepening the content of the educational process at the Academy of Tourism, pre-profile and profile training of students.