Educational activities of KazAST are carried out on the basis of the Law “About Education” dated July 27, 2007 No. 319-III (with alteration and additions, 21.07.2015), Module rules for activities of higher education institutions, approved by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated May 17, 2013 No. 499, the state educational standards of higher education approved by the decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated August 23, 2012. No. 1080 and in accordance with the state license series AB No. 0137383 issued for the Kazakh Academy of Sport and Tourism by the Committee for control of education and science, Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 27.05.2010, for the right to conduct educational activities in the sphere of higher and postgraduate education and a license for bachelor

  • 5B090200 “Tourism”
  • 5B091200 “Restaurant and Hotel business”
  • 6M090200 “Tourism” 
  • 6D090200 “Tourism”.

Annually is carried according to SSE and needs of the society and the labor market which can be evidenced by coordinated interaction when working with the catalog of elective disciplines which is developed with employers of KTA, KAGIR, heads of tourism enterprises and organizations, including the tourist and youth education in the Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty city,  region of Almaty.

According to educational program in the Tourism and Service Department are working high qualified teaching staff with academic degrees for scientific work dedicated to the fields of economy, management, tourism and hospitality. The percentage of graded staff is over 60%.

Kazakh Sport and Tourism Academy has signed 47 negotiations in the sphere of tourism, restaurant and hotel business with universities of Kazakhstan, far foreign countries, CIS and the Baltic countries.

Students of the faculty of tourism have opportunity to have international internship in the USA, Turkey, UAE, China, Spain, Russia, Korea, Cyprus, Argentina, Mongolia, Belarus, Latvia and etc.

All kinds of internship of the speciality of “Hotel and restaurant business” is done at the hotel of KazAST  also at the restaurants and hotels of Almaty city.

Collaborating with Kazakhstan Tourism Association in the faculty of tourism are trained tourist guides.

KazAST has 2 hotel complexes “MarkInn Hotel” and “Academic-Apart”; Restaurant “LOFT”; tourist and sport base “Kaimar”; recreational area Kapshagay; mountain-tourist center “Gorelnik”; Tourist Information and methodical center (TIMC), SRI tourism; education-training climbing wall; 12 specialized classrooms.

For the organization of tourist and sport trips, conducting the field tourist and excursion practices of students, training the faculty  for participation in rallies and competitions in tourism technology, orienteering and climbing, by the guidance of KazAST was taken sets of bivouac and special tourist equipment of the modern model.

turistskaya-assotsiatsiya Since June 14,2002 the Kazakh Academy of Sport and Tourism is a member of the Kazakhstan Tourist Association (KTA)


2 Since 2011 the Kazakh Academy of Sport and Tourism is a member of EURHODIP
Since 2012 in KazAST has been functioning the State Compulsory Educational Standard (SCES) on the specialties of 5B090200, 6M090200 and 6D090200 “Tourism”.
KazAST successfully passed state and public stages of external control from 2011 to 2017:
1236 - 0003  

1st place in international rating among universities of Kazakhstan on the specialty of “Tourism” 5B090200, 2011.


 5 - 0015 1st place in international rating among universities of Kazakhstan on the specialty of bachelor “Tourism” 5B090200, 2012.


1 Accreditation for the right to conduct research and development work at the expense of the state budget in 2013
АККРЕДИТАЦИЯ01.jp2 Institutional accreditation in 2014
Сканировать1 Department of Tourism and Service took the 2nd place in KazAST 2014 by the result of research work
Логотип АТ November 29, 2014 on the basis of the Kazakh Academy of Sports and Tourism of the Faculty of Tourism, opened the Academy of Tourism to the  honor of Shokan Ualikhanov. Shokan Ualikhanov Academy has goals, tasks, main lines of activity, forms, sections for development and self-realization, expanding opportunities for satisfying the diverse interests of children and youth, developing their motivational potential, competitiveness of the individual.
Сканировать10002 Tourism and Service Department took the first place in the Academy By the result of research work in 2015
7 Specialized accreditation on the specialty of 5В090200 “Tourism” in 2016.
Specialized accreditation on specialty of 5В090200 “Restaurant business and hotel business” in 2016.
10 Specialized accreditation specialty  of 6M090200 “Tourism” in 2016
4 Specialized accreditation specialty of 6D090200 “Tourism” in 2016.
 222 - 0002 In October 2016, Tourism and Service department of KazAST was awarded   with “GOLDEN DEPARTMEN OF RUSSIA”
222 In International Scientific Conference “Perspectives of university science development”, the results of the contest were summed up according to the Educational program for specialty 5В090200 “Tourism” which developed by the Kazakh Academy of Sport and Tourism was awarded  the GOLD MEDAL of the  “EUROPEAN QUALITY », October 10, Sochi 2016.
222 - 0001 1 place – in International competition for the prize of “Golden Compass” nomination of “Educational Programs” – developers: Imangulova T.V., Prokofieva M. A., Moscow, 2016.
1 3 place on the bachelor’s degree specialty of 5В091200 “Restaurant and hotel business” in the National rating among universities of Kazakhstan, 2016.