Zharkimbekov Nurzhan

Position: Lecturer _7nBAy3iCrs
Regalia: Master


 PhD The Kazakh Academy of Sports and Tourism. 6D090200-«Tourism», 2016
Magistracy The Kazakh Academy of Sports and Tourism Undergraduate :«Tourism», 2016. ЖООК-М №0089811


Bachelor The Kazakh University of International Relations and world languages. Bachelor: “Foreign language; two foreign languages (English, Japanese),

2010. ЖБ-Б №0059135


 3 Gratitude of participation «March of parks – 2017» from SRNP «Medeu», 2017 year.
 2 Gratitude of participation in the festival of Almaty Mount Fest, 2016 year.
 9 001 Laureate diploma of the international exhibition. In the field of better educational – methodological publication, Moscow, 2016 year.
 8 001 Certificate of participant of the international presentation exhibition of educational-methodological publication, Moscow, 2016 year.



Professional development, certificates:

Certificate of Pass Hands on Tourist Guiding Course conferred by the WFTGA, 2016
Certificate of Pass Train the Trainer Course conferred by the WFTGA, 2016
– Natural aspect of sustainable tourism development in central Asia, Kyrgyztan, 2016
– Protection labour and business safety, 2017
– «Modern direction of modernization of school geographical education. General questions of methods on teaching school», St. Petersburg, 2016
– Problems and perspectives of  hotel and restaurant business development in the Republic of Kazakhstan, Aktobe 2016
«Demands on guides on the base of “Professional standards in the sphere of tourism and hospitality in the Republic of Kazakhstan”, Aktobe, 2016
«Problems of preparing high quality athletes», 2017
– Modern tendencies and urgent questions of tourism and hotel business development in Russia,  Moscow, 2017
2017 FISU Conference Almaty on Innovation-Education-Sport

University Sport: Health and future society, 2017

«Forming innovational cognitive competences in educational system», 2017