Master class in Jumping goat coffee shop Almaty

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On November 4, 2019 under the guidance of masters, senior teachers Gubarenko A. V. and Abdikarimova M. N. in Jumping goat coffee shop for 2nd year students of FT specialty Restaurant business and hotel business there was a demonstration master class from 4th year student of RDGB Tishina Yana on ...

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International refresher courses on Museum business Nursultan

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INTERNATIONAL ADVANCED TRAINING COURSES IN MUSEUM BUSINESS ⠀ ⠀ From 26 to 28 October 2019 in Nur-Sultan on the basis of the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan national tour operator – “Arman-tour” – school of guides, interpreters, guides conducted international training courses for staff of the Department of ...

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PRACTICAL TRAINING IN THE BAR BUSINESS On October 24, 2019, under the guidance of master, senior teacher Aigerim tulbaeva, a practical lesson on the discipline “bar Business” for students of the group of rdgb 3-2 was held in a Specially equipped office 17A “RESTAURANT Business”.. The students have prepared: Бан ...

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