Educational and methodical work

 Educational and methodological work at the department is carried out in accordance with the   state education standard. The department has all the documentation related to organizational and methodological work, in particular, minutes of department meetings, minutes of discussion of open classes, minutes of mutual visits, annual reports, individual plans of teachers, distribution of teaching load and statements of its implementation.

The pedagogical process is carried out using credit technology, the entire educational and methodological complex of disciplines has been developed on the basis of the educational program, the working curriculum and the catalog of elective disciplines (at the student’s choice). 

Professors and teachers of the department have developed and published many different textbooks, scientific works, guidelines and monographs in the state and russian languages.


Educational and methodological work of the department for the period 2019-2023


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Teaching aids


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Guest lectures


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Participation in KazAST competitions


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Participation in methodological seminars, webinars, master classes


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