The speciality “Tourism” has existed since the foundation of the Academy. In 1944, the Institute of Physical Culture was established in Alma-Ata, and on January 1, 1945, the Department of “Tourism and Mountaineering” was organized under it, headed by V. M. Zimin. In the 50s-70s of the XX century, the Department of Tourism was recreated and reformed many times.

In accordance with the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the country of September 11, 1981 “On the further rise of mass physical culture and sports” in 1983, the Department of Mass Physical Culture and Recreation Work and Tourism was established at the Institute, which was designed to train specialists capable of organizing and conducting mass physical culture in all parts of the physical culture movement.

The educational process was carried out by experienced teachers with academic degrees and titles, high sports qualifications. Among them are the winner of the VDNH, Candidate of Biological Sciences, head of the department A. N. Makogonov, participants of the Great Patriotic War, masters of sports, associate professors G. M. Tereshchenko, A. A. Vododokhov, senior teacher, Master of Sports E. D. Malinovsky, G. A. Plakhuta, N. B. Bugebaev, B. Abdildaev, A. Vasilyeva, etc.

Professor A. S. Ivanov had the greatest experience of scientific and pedagogical activity at KazAST (KazIFK), who worked constantly since 1967, was the head of the problem research laboratory “Highlands and Sports”, director of the Research Institute of Sports, professor of the Department of Tourism. His fruitful work was marked with the badges “For merits in the development of science of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, “For contribution to the development of the Olympic movement in the Republic of Kazakhstan”, “Honorary Sports Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, “For merits in the development of tourism in the Republic of Kazakhstan”.

Every year, students, under the guidance of teachers of the department, took part in such sports events as “Snow Landing”, “Mountaineering”, “Snowflake” and others. For successful performances, the team of the Department of Tourism was awarded 12 cups and 20 certificates and diplomas only in 1984-1987.

In January 1988, the Almaty Regional Committee of the LKSM of Kazakhstan organized a mass ski trip “Snow Landing-88”, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Komsomol and the establishment of Soviet power in Semirechye. KazIFK tourists fielded two teams to participate in the landing, one of which took first place in the ski tourism technique competitions.

In October 1992. The Kazakh Republican Tourist Club and the Central Council of the Sports and Sports Society “Spartak” of Kazakhstan held Open republican competitions in the technique of hiking, where the team of tourists of the Kazakh Institute of Physical Culture took third place on the obstacle course.

In 1992, the faculty was reorganized and became a department of the Faculty of Sports and Physical Culture.

Members of the department in those years created the only museum in the republic “Tourism and mountaineering in Kazakhstan”, where you can find a unique educational and informative historical material on the formation and development of tourism and mountaineering in Kazakhstan.

A new stage in the development of the Department of Tourism and Service came in 1998. After the independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, tourism became an independent faculty. By the decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Kazakh Institute of Physical Culture was transformed into the Kazakh State Academy of Sports and Tourism and the following specialties were introduced that are directly related to the training of tourist personnel: 0902 – economics of sports and tourism; 0618 – socio-cultural service and tourism; 0619 – international tourism.

By the order of the Kazakh State Academy of Sports and Tourism OK No. 36 of March 17, 2000, the Department of Tourism and Service Management was allocated and a separate faculty of Tourism was created.

The Kazakh Academy of Sports and Tourism, as a legal entity, is a member of the Kazakhstan Tourism Association, and a corresponding certificate was issued on June 14, 2002. The receipt of this certificate by KazAST legally formalized the cooperation with KTA, which began immediately after the creation of KTA in 1999.

The prestige of studying at the Department of Tourism and Service of KazAST is evidenced by the fact that students, undergraduates and doctoral students have many awards, diplomas, certificates at the International, National and regional levels.

The Department of Tourism and Service employs a qualified research and teaching staff that successfully implements both theoretical and practical training programs for students, undergraduates and doctoral students in the field of tourism and service.